Mercenary Enrollment 4.63

Mercenary Enrollment

Chapter 156

132.8M Sep 30,2023 - 23:48 PM Yc

Yu Ijin was the sole survivor of a plane crash when he was little. After becoming a mercenary to survive for 10 years, he returns to his family in his hometown.
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My Egocentric Boss Is Obsessed With Me 3.84

My Egocentric Boss Is Obsessed With Me

Chapter 36

2.3M Sep 30,2023 - 23:42 PM Wonmick, Minji

For the chronically single and overworked Soohan, thirsting over his boss's firm booty is his greatest guilty pleasure. It's sad and pathetic, but after a long string of lousy exes and an even longer dry spell, the handsome and talented Mr. Woo seems just that much hotter. Sure, he comes with blazing red flags like his egocentric personality, his bizarre preferences, and his sadistic tendency to overwork his employees. But as off-putting as these qualities are, they aren't enough to deter Soohan's massive crush-- especially when the man keeps calling him "babe" and giving him special attention outside the office. Why on earth is his demonic yet charming boss asking him to pick out his bedroom sheets and cooking him his favorite dinner when they aren't even dating? Though he doesn't want to get his hopes up, Soohan can't help but wonder whether his self-centered boss is actually obsessed with him...
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Like Wind On A Dry Branch 4.79

Like Wind On A Dry Branch

Chapter 175

18.6M Sep 30,2023 - 23:23 PM Moon Seaul, Uret, Dalsaeowl

As plague and turmoil afflicts the empire, enchanting widow Rieta Tristi finds herself at the mercy of a malicious nobleman and his dying wish to have her buried alive beside his corpse. The plague has taken her husband, slave traders have taken her young child, and now her own life is at risk -- until an unexpected visit from the empire's outcast prince changes everything.Count Casarius fell victim to a plague and died suddenly, leaving behind a will stating that Rietta, a beautiful young widow of the manor, whom he tried to use as a concubine, be buried alive alongside him. Just before Rietta is buried, Archduke Axias, rumored to be a cruel tyrant, arrives at the funeral to collect the enormous debt Count Casarius still owes him."Everyone here seems to feel sorry for her, and I still have a debt to collect from Casarius… If I take her instead, I think all of you here should be happy," he smiled, "Hello, my temptress."
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Protected By My Dragon Knight 4.78

Protected By My Dragon Knight

Chapter 123

2.8M Sep 30,2023 - 23:22 PM Umibird

Ichiru Futaba was just an ordinary office lady working at a high stress dead-end job. One day, when she's pushed to her limit and cannot get home in time to save her fluffy little dog, she falls to the floor unconscious. When she awakens,she realizes that she.. has died and been reborn! In a new world where magical creatures and humans coexist, and where the sand rain that faills from the sky harms these magical creatures, Ichiru struggles to form relationships due to her dark past. One day, when she finds a dragon on the brink of death, Ichiru summons a power she never knew she had. As a bright light comes from the palm of her hand, hope is reborn! Can she use her healing powers that only she has to save these furry magical creatures?
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Studio Cabana 4.44

Studio Cabana

Vol.5 Chapter 20

538.2K Sep 30,2023 - 23:21 PM Uma Aguri

Studio Cabana summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Studio Cabana. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Jesus 3.22


Vol.6 Chapter 54

374.4K Sep 30,2023 - 23:19 PM Nanatsuki Kyoichi

Jesus is about a high profile assassin who plans to fake his own death, laying low from all the Mafia's hitmen and the FBI that are after him. He plans to live his life by using the money he got from the drug smuggling he stole from the mafia gangs, which was one of the reasons that he got chased. Somehow, his plan fails and he couldn't get those drugs his old timed friend hid for him as it somehow got concealed in a school's wall, with a super strength blackboard on top of it.He has no choice but to pose himself as a high school teacher to guard his stash. While he tries to pretend to be an ordinary citizen as much as possible, hoping that he won't get caught, he often gets involved with cases after cases dealing with crimes and criminals. Will his true identity get busted? How much can he tolerate living his life in a normal world?
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Shutline 4.47


Chapter 72

6.1M Sep 30,2023 - 23:13 PM Kyou., Kyo Woo

.A street mechanic scene where people work hard on broken cars on the street.He finally meets Jake, who rides in a broken car and pays a large amount of money for maintenance. he tries to offend Jake, who gives him a sexual glance, but he forcibly passes his contact information because he doesn't want to miss Jake, who pays his living expenses for several months at a time.But soon after learning that Jake was involved in a dangerous incident, God intuited that he had to stay away from him in order not to get caught up in it, but somehow he couldn't get rid of him...?! +
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Fundamentals Of Light 4.77

Fundamentals Of Light

Chapter 29: The Egg

1.7M Sep 30,2023 - 22:52 PM Tokitaka Mitsuki

A boy was deprived of emotions and color vision in order to make him a shinobi. A stranger stretches out the hand towards him in the ruined village. His new life begins as the boy takes it...
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Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter 4.46

Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter

Chapter 49

18M Sep 30,2023 - 22:51 PM Moonbeat (달비트), Goilgoil (고일고일)

Kim Jun-Woo, the world’s first SSS rank genius hunter.He is an incredible user of ability, but his horrible personality leads to problems with his reputation.In the midst of his troubles, he was attacked and killed by an unidentified group.And when he opened his eyes, he had returned to the past of 10 years ago.Though he tries to become a hunter again and raise his rank, his skills were all sealed by the karma of his previous life.In order for that to be released, he needs to work as a ‘Dungeon Cleaner’, which is infamous for being extremely tough in this industry?!But this cleaner, he’s different!Not only monsters—troublesome hunters, superiors only taking up positions after they’re hired out of nepotism, and even people who will be colleagues with him.He’s making a complete mess to clean everything up.The ex-hunter, who is stronger than the current hunters, and his crazy cleaning begins!
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I Got Sent To Another World, But It's In The Mountains. In Reaction, I Choose Comfort Over Strength 4.69

I Got Sent To Another World, But It's In The Mountains. In Reaction, I Choose Comfort Over Strength

Chapter 18

2.3M Sep 30,2023 - 22:51 PM Jaga Butter ; Iwasaki Minako ; Tsutaya Sora

A protagonist enjoyed his Isekai life by stubbornly doing everything at his own pace. Abundantly surrounded by misanthropes, he tried to redo his life and have an amicable personality…Let’s leave it at that. When starting over with life, returning to one’s mental age was not guaranteed. Probably.
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The Castle: Ghost-Eyed Bride 4.71

The Castle: Ghost-Eyed Bride

Chapter 24

133.5K Sep 30,2023 - 22:49 PM Hyeyong, Jin Soye

She betrayed the most famous person in Korea to marry him. Him being the Crown Prince, Lee Geon.
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I’Ll Twist The Neck Of A Sweet Dog 4.62

I’Ll Twist The Neck Of A Sweet Dog

Chapter 84

3.7M Sep 30,2023 - 22:48 PM Updating

Read manhwa I'll Twist The Neck of a Sweet Dog / 다정한 개새끼의 목을 비틀겠습니다Chloe Garnetsch, who gave everything for the man she loved, but eventually died miserably.Foolish Chloe realized too late.She was a bait for a man to throw at the emperor, and a man was a beautiful son of a bitch disguised as tenderness.
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Now That We Draw 4.7

Now That We Draw

Chapter 9

700.2K Sep 30,2023 - 22:48 PM Kyuu Takahata, Kaba Yuuji

Uehara-kun loves 2-dimensional characters and his desire is to become a manga artist! However, his dreams are dashed when an editor rejects his work as too boring.The next day while contemplating giving up on his dream, a gal in his class, Miyamoto Niina, sees his manuscript and starts a pseudo-romance with him that's a little too close to comfort, to help him with his manga!This is a mangakas ✖ adolescent love comedy!
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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree 4.84

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Chapter 113

17.3M Sep 30,2023 - 22:44 PM 绯红之夜, 黑鸟社

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree manhua, Reborned as a willow tree! ? Resurrection of spiritual energy, rise of all things. The reborn willow has also embarked on the path of evolution. It can evolve infinitely, is it "divine power" or "curse"?
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Yajin Tensei: Karate Survivor In Another World 4.83

Yajin Tensei: Karate Survivor In Another World

Vol.7 Chapter 44: Fishing Village Canteen

22.4M Sep 30,2023 - 22:18 PM Yazin, Kobayashi Takahito

If you're reincarnated in another world, you will be naked and alone in the forest. The only things you can rely on without magic or cheats is your wits and fists!
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The Man At Night 3.54

The Man At Night

Chapter 53

906K Sep 30,2023 - 22:15 PM Shida, 시다

Jung-hae has always wanted to live an ordinary life. But it’s hard to pay the bills when you’re deep in debt and barely scraping by working an honest, average job. One day, Jung-hae discovers that his brother is bringing in big bucks and suspects something dirty is going on, so he tails his brother…to a strip club full of male strippers?! When Jung-hae storms in to drag his brother out of the changing room, he has no idea that he’s about to get a hell of a new job that’s far from ordinary…and that the club’s charismatic number one stripper, Yoo-gon, is going to change his life.
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