Akuma No Juusan-Ya 4.88

Akuma No Juusan-Ya

Vol.2 Chapter 16

21.7K Sep 30,2023 - 23:48 PM Sone Masako

Madeline, an 11-year-old girl, lives quietly in a secluded woodland mansion in southern England with her younger brother Dion, her beautiful mother, and their servant Moira. One day, Madeline meets and befriends some village children. At the same time, rumors of a number of murders in London, said to be the work of vampires, are rife. Meanwhile, an eerie shadow creeps into Madeline's peaceful and happy life...
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Zombie 100 ~100 Things I Want To Do Before I Become A Zombie~ 4.79

Zombie 100 ~100 Things I Want To Do Before I Become A Zombie~

Chapter 58

22.4M Sep 30,2023 - 17:34 PM Koutarou Takata, Haro Asou

After three years of working for a black company, Akira was exhausted both mentally and physically.But one morning, what he saw on his usual way to work was nothing but a town full of zombies.How will the former company slave, Akira, live his life in a world that has completely changed overnight!?
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Surviving Romance 4.79

Surviving Romance

Chapter 99

9.6M Sep 30,2023 - 17:33 PM Lee Yeon

Chaerin leads a blissful and comfortable life as the lead in a romance novel. She only has eyes for the male lead, Jeha, to the point where all the extras are literal black shadows.But then, one day, her story suddenly switches genres.All of a sudden, she discovers that if she wants to live, she has to band together with the extras she ignored before and work with them to survive!From the author of comes this genre-defying tale!
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Dating To Survive 4.61

Dating To Survive

Chapter 29

710.4K Sep 30,2023 - 17:32 PM Gm.t

Eunsae is an ordinary student who happens to meet her alternate self in her dream one day. Eun-i and Sae-i are both Eunsae, just from parallel universes! After a year of regularly meeting up in their dreams, Eun-i makes a tempting offer: to switch places and jump into each other's universes for a week. Sae-i, having been envious of Eun-i's perfect life, decides to accept the offer. However, Eun-i is nowhere to be seen when the promised week is over. Will Sae-i be able to keep pretending that she's Eun-i until she can return to her own world?
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Unstable 4.16


Chapter 58

193.4K Sep 30,2023 - 14:46 PM

Unstable summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Unstable. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Xun Meng Hun 4.0

Xun Meng Hun

Chapter 2: Enemy Or Ally?

3K Sep 30,2023 - 12:00 PM Zhen Youchuan

【2023 Kuaikan manhua competition entry】The odds and twists of truth have never ceased in this world. In the River of Oblivion, an emissary of hell is born from the Red Lycoris, whose flowers could never meet its own leaves. Will she be able to unfold the secrets of each soul and bring them relief?
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Hell 58 4.54

Hell 58

Chapter 54

3.3M Sep 30,2023 - 11:16 AM Jang Seong-Jun

A power struggle, strife, and betrayal in Hell58, an island of the weak and strong.Can the main character, a commoner, find hope and escape from this hellish island?
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Ani Datta Mono 4.03

Ani Datta Mono

Vol.4 Chapter 37

269.8K Sep 30,2023 - 00:22 AM Matsuda Minoru

My brother died. I come to visit my brother's grave with my brother's lover——...... This is a story of my brother's lover and me and the "thing that was my big brother".
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The Drifting Classroom 4.43

The Drifting Classroom

Chapter 65

700K Sep 30,2019 - 13:49 PM Kaiyuan Comic

There is a classroom in the school. No one except me can see it and I accidently entered it one night…After that I have to study in that class with my ghost classmates and ghost teacher who all died in a fire. Why didn’t they go reincarnation but choose to stay in the school? What’s the secret behind the ghost girl that is pregnant? I have to find out truth…
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Baillie And The Ghosts 3.8

Baillie And The Ghosts

Chapter 66

298K Sep 30,2019 - 08:17 AM Cheng Du Erciyuan

The cute heroine Baillie Lin is born with a pair of ghost eyes and she can see scary ghosts.she and her best friend Susie get involved in a bigger conspiracy when investigating the event of missing senior schoolmate! A seemingly-ordinary trip to the west of Human province leads to a series of death events! Let's find out the truth behind this!
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Perfect Victim 4.36

Perfect Victim

Chapter 87

387.7K Sep 29,2023 - 20:45 PM 尼三岁

“The person who is destined to be the perfect lover is secretly a murderous devil?! There are many secrets to the widowed mother. The life of Qiqi is completely changed by a mysterious stalker.”
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1331 3.63


Chapter 70

49.6K Sep 29,2023 - 17:14 PM Bora Giraffe (보라기린)

1331 summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of 1331. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Only I Know That The World Will End 4.72

Only I Know That The World Will End

Chapter 41

2.5M Sep 29,2023 - 14:45 PM Haijima Shigeru, Tsubasa

An ordinary office worker, Akira Ichijo, was attacked by a Minotaur on his way home from work. In the next moment, he woke up in his office desk, Akira was resurrected from death, inherited his level and status, and possessed a unique skill called "Return from the Underworld" that allowed him to restart his life at a certain time. Now Akira makes full use of his skill and everything he had to search and survive with his childhood friend Nao Nanase to face this cruel world!!
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The Drifting Brig 4.64

The Drifting Brig

Chapter 55

35K Sep 29,2023 - 13:58 PM Jo Won Pyo

After three years of prep, Kim Minsu is ready to start his first day as a guard on the XB-880, a high-security prison in the middle of the ocean. On his first day, the prisoners riot and take over the ship. As they massacre the guards, Minsu poses as a criminal to survive. Though wary of this new face, he is accepted as one of them. Now, Minsu has to maintain this ruse until help comes, but as a powerful faction takes hold of the brig, he must work with the other inmates to fight for control.
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Urban Legend Maker 4.85

Urban Legend Maker

Chapter 9

20.9K Sep 29,2023 - 13:01 PM 役满

The protagonist Yuan Zhenji crossed to the parallel world of Jiangshi, and found that this world was full of various horror and weirdness, and ordinary humans were as fragile as paper in front of them. He used a notebook called "Urban Legend Records" to create urban legends that affect reality, punish criminals and contain weirdness, absorb the weird rule ability "use magic to defeat magic", and become a monitor who fights against weirdness, and fights with his partners against the coming doomsday-level weirdness...
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The Chest 3.0

The Chest

0 Sep 29,2023 - 10:57 AM Park Tae Jun Comics Company, Jubeom

The Chest summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of The Chest. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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