Stairway Of Time 4.31

Stairway Of Time

Chapter 115

5.9M Sep 28,2022 - 15:03 PM Ju Young Ha, Zenyu

Ryu Ji Hoon And Eun Yeon Ah... We were the best couple.The love of youth… crazy and crazy. But that love… I killed him and ruined my life completely. If I can go back to the past, it would do so much… Not to be tied to you. Avoiding you.14 years later, in order to change this unfortunate reality of a greater unfortunate situation, Yeonhwa rises to the thirteenth stairway to the past, following a suddenly rising memory. If this is real... If she really jumped into the past, will she be able to avoid making this unfortunate mistake again?!32 years old Yi Yeon Ah went back to the past, 14 years ago.Can she really break her relationship with her first love and change her terrible past? Climb with us to the STAIRWAY OF TIME...
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Money Game 4.32

Money Game

Chapter 60: Episode 60 (Series Finale)

694.5K Sep 27,2022 - 09:10 AM Bae Jinsoo

100 days of a game. The total prize money is 44.8 billion won, 1000 times the application fee.How much can you earn?
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Love Deficiency 4.68

Love Deficiency

Chapter 41.5

660.4K Sep 27,2018 - 12:49 PM 24Beee

There is a virus, that affects those who are lonely or stressed. If the infected person doesnt fall in love, they die in 6 months...
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Ice (Manhwa) 3.95

Ice (Manhwa)

Chapter 50

1.2M Sep 26,2022 - 18:37 PM Ashley Taylor, Tapas Media, Kisai Entertainment, Cindycc07

Ice manhwa, Ravenna refuses to meet a bitter end. After waking up with the uncontrollable power to form ice at her fingertips, she's seen as a dangerous witch that must be executed. But as Ravenna escapes the Imperial Guards that want her head, she hears of an ancient dragon with the ability to breathe not fire, but ice. Hopeful, she seeks out this arrogant yet experienced dragon for a chance to master her curse. It's time for Ravenna to seize control of both her powers and her own fate!
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Golden Print 4.78

Golden Print

Chapter 27

5.6M Sep 25,2023 - 09:19 AM Mu, Gu Seul (구슬)

I wanted to design! A dream I have had since I was 12 years old and have nurtured since then. For thirty years I worked hard, not missing a single day, but the reality is that I'm a construction site manager constructing buildings for other people. If I hadn't made that choice back then... Would I have become an architectural designer? Thirty years after all that, a miracle happened to me. I went back to my university school days 20 years ago, in 2010. I'm 22 years old, but with 20 years of field experience, I'm going fulfil my dream of being an architectural designer and make world famous designs of my own!
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Fist Demon Of Mount Hua 4.77

Fist Demon Of Mount Hua

Chapter 149

51.7M Sep 25,2023 - 09:18 AM Jin Sungyu (진선규), Ugak (우각)

Dam-Ho, the sole survivor of a raid on his village, has a lame leg, the worst possible condition for a martial artist. Nonetheless, he refuses to stop training. Whilst everyone around him tells him he cannot become a martial artist, Dam-Ho refuses to give up on his dream. Will he really be able to become the best martial artist?
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Your Smile Is A Trap 4.61

Your Smile Is A Trap

Chapter 117: Episode 117

10.3M Sep 25,2023 - 09:18 AM Aengo

Ex-idol trainee Kiyu has lived his whole life adored by everyone for his good looks. But he dreams of ordinary high school life, so when he puts on glasses to blend in with his peers, he finds that making friends is a lot harder when you don't have your looks to fall back on. Not to mention he's also socially awkward, his new seatmate has a permanent scowl on her face, and his fans have tracked him down at his new school.
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The Empress Lipstick 4.74

The Empress Lipstick

Chapter 45

650.7K Sep 25,2023 - 09:17 AM Bak Myeongun, Coffeebean, Jjg

Jae-in is a typical middle school girl obsessed with beauty and makeup and wishes to become a makeup artist. One day, she finds a mysterious lipstick by chance, which leads to the opening of a mysterious portal that warps her to a different dimension. When she wakes up the next moment, she realizes she has become a princess of a different world! Stuck in this mysterious world, will Jae-in be able to find a way out? Or better yet, will she be able to pursue her passion for beauty and live the life she could never live before?
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The Male Lead Monster Lives Under My Bed 4.88

The Male Lead Monster Lives Under My Bed

Chapter 30

295.3K Sep 25,2023 - 08:37 AM Yeo Ro-Eun, Jihe

I was given slime as a gift from my war-crazy brother.At first, I decided to keep it under the bed and raise it secretly.It’s a monster, but… … .“Muw.”I flirted every day with all kinds of secrets to my first-time friend.Everything from the fact that I am the possessor to the content of the original.“Actually, this is a 19-gold-dried romance novel. The male protagonist was amazing.”“music?”“As for what the water level was… … .”At my words, the slime’s blue body glowed red.It seems to be getting bigger as the days go by… … .Is this a real slime?But the curiosity and suspicion did not last long.Because my father killed the slime.A few years later, as in the original story, I married the southern prince, Archduke Ruslan.I was going to leave at the right time for the role of the man’s ex-boyfriend, but… … .“I heard you like being incarcerated.”… … Is it weird? When did I?!“I have no intention of becoming a formal couple.Of course, I plan to fulfill my duties as a married couple.”He whispered softly as he scanned my jawline.“You said that you like beeping things, so let’s start with that.”Even piercing through my bad taste.I didn’t notice because I was too confused.From the hand holding my chin, the softness of the cold is strangely familiar!
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The Lord Of Money 4.45

The Lord Of Money

Chapter 119

8.3M Sep 25,2023 - 08:35 AM Mu Jang (무장), Son Ju Hwan (손주환)

Cheon Joong Myung, the third son of the CEO of the fifth wealthiest corporation, Ji Gyoung Group. And his assistant working under him, Seong Chang Ook. While Seong Chang Ook tried to kill Cheon Joong Myung and cover it up as an accident, Seong Chang Ook was accidentally electrocuted along with his boss. That’s when they find themselves trapped in each other’s bodies… “You want me to become a playboy Conglomerate the world has never seen before?” “I’ll be opening the doors to hell if I do this” This is the start of the endless march of Cheon Joong Myung, the Lord of Money. ---**Links:** - ( Webtoon Trailer ( | ( | (
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Run Maelle 4.78

Run Maelle

Chapter 36

1.1M Sep 25,2023 - 08:08 AM Ellian Yang, Carrotoon

Maelle, a duke’s daughter, has a dream of the country being ruined. Setting herself on saving the country, she follows the idiot Princess Liela, who has a pretty face but lacks common sense, and participates in the Empress’s Choice event held in the Empire of Helbern. Then, one day, guided by her love for gardens, she meets a man wearing a mask... “Didn’t you know the emperor often visits this garden?” “Hah, is His Majesty so free to do so?!” Garden enthusiast Maelle, idiot princess Liela, and the perfect man of this era, Emperor Roheiden van de Helbern. Will Maelle be able to successfully save the country after battling to be the next Empress?
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The Constellations Are My Disciples 4.77

The Constellations Are My Disciples

Chapter 40

14.7M Sep 25,2023 - 08:08 AM Inus Studio, Indoor Kim, Cha Ji Woon

300 years ago, Martial G** Hyun-oh Kim defeated Barche, the boss of the tower of destruction, and prevented the end of the world. Kim Hyun-oh, should have died suffering the same fate as the tower of destruction. However, after 300 years, he is reborn as the 17-year-old Kim Joo-hyuk. In the midst, he finds out that the "Constellations", that were created during his absence, are his disciples from 300 years ago and sets on a journey to find them.
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Archmage Transcending Through Regression 4.78

Archmage Transcending Through Regression

Chapter 67

17.6M Sep 25,2023 - 07:40 AM Hanbit Nuri, Hong Chang Joo, Mul Jang Gu

Archmage Transcending Through Regression mamhwa, Mikhail Walpurgis, the world's only 9th-circle Archmage, fell in battle due to a damned hero, and managed to cast one final advanced magic spell, . As time rewound, he regressed to 20 years ago."Fine. I'll just become the hero instead."
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Standard Of Reincarnation 4.53

Standard Of Reincarnation

Chapter 69

29.9M Sep 25,2023 - 07:39 AM Kim Pyung-Beom (김평범), Blue Jaeng-I (블루쟁이), Lee Sang-Kyung (이상경)

Standard of Reincarnation manhwa, The greatest martial family, Samion. Dayven, a member of the Samion family, is a one-armed martial soldier without a right arm. Despite the ridicule and contempt he got for only having a left arm, he surpassed the direct line of the Samion family like a genius. However, he got betrayed by his family and parents in the end, thus meeting a poor end. But, he was reincarnated. "I have a right arm?" He had a new family tradition. A naturally gifted body. Experience from his past life. And the god Yulion with him as well. After his reincarnation, everything changed, and a new adventure started.
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I Treated The Mastermind And Ran Away 4.53

I Treated The Mastermind And Ran Away

Chapter 32

85.1K Sep 25,2023 - 04:40 AM Dndm, Lee Yili, Il Hana

Evelyn reincarnated into her favorite novel.But unfortunately for her role, she is an extra who has enormous divine powers but is only taken advantage of by her and dies her miserable death.She was adopted by the count's family and endured all sorts of abuse and humiliation without using her divine power.All in order to be kidnapped by the male protagonist of this novel, the cursed Grand Duke of Darkness.“I heard a prophecy, and it said you could break my curse.”"Yes, but there is a condition. I need money to live outside this empire."In order to survive, she must pretend to be Cordelia, the goddess and heroine of the prophecy.All Evelyn wants is freedom, not romance.Her contract went smoothly.… … Until it was discovered that Evelyn wasn't the heroine."You dare not only deceive me, more so run away? The weight of that responsibility won't be light."In the end, she closed her eyes tightly, wondering if she was going to die like this."Marry me."Huh?! Something is strange about the Grand Duke of Darkness?
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My Husband Changes Every Night 4.59

My Husband Changes Every Night

Chapter 39

2.8M Sep 25,2023 - 04:39 AM Han Yunseol, 한윤설

"I'll come to the princess's bedroom every night."A perishing worldMy family sold me to the worst tyrant in history.But this man, he's weird at night."The only one who can heal me is the princess. I need princess."He unbuttoned. A burning desire was revealed in the flashing light of his eyes.Do you have to do this every night?'As if to relieve the extremely old thirst, the man endlessly longed for everything about me.And at the same time, many things surrounding me began to change."I will protect the Empress.""According to God's will."I was the only savior of the perishing world. mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , online for free at mangabuddy. Chapters are updated hourly with high-quality graphics and a full English translation. Find free translations of your favorite , and . The latest updated content on mangabuddy is now available.
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