My Egocentric Boss Is Obsessed With Me 3.84

My Egocentric Boss Is Obsessed With Me

Chapter 36

2.3M Sep 30,2023 - 23:42 PM Wonmick, Minji

For the chronically single and overworked Soohan, thirsting over his boss's firm booty is his greatest guilty pleasure. It's sad and pathetic, but after a long string of lousy exes and an even longer dry spell, the handsome and talented Mr. Woo seems just that much hotter. Sure, he comes with blazing red flags like his egocentric personality, his bizarre preferences, and his sadistic tendency to overwork his employees. But as off-putting as these qualities are, they aren't enough to deter Soohan's massive crush-- especially when the man keeps calling him "babe" and giving him special attention outside the office. Why on earth is his demonic yet charming boss asking him to pick out his bedroom sheets and cooking him his favorite dinner when they aren't even dating? Though he doesn't want to get his hopes up, Soohan can't help but wonder whether his self-centered boss is actually obsessed with him...
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Shutline 4.47


Chapter 72

6.1M Sep 30,2023 - 23:13 PM Kyou., Kyo Woo

.A street mechanic scene where people work hard on broken cars on the street.He finally meets Jake, who rides in a broken car and pays a large amount of money for maintenance. he tries to offend Jake, who gives him a sexual glance, but he forcibly passes his contact information because he doesn't want to miss Jake, who pays his living expenses for several months at a time.But soon after learning that Jake was involved in a dangerous incident, God intuited that he had to stay away from him in order not to get caught up in it, but somehow he couldn't get rid of him...?! +
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Define The Relationship 4.11

Define The Relationship

Chapter 77

5.1M Sep 30,2023 - 21:43 PM Hal Ayukawa, Flona, Chada

Carlyle, a non-dominant Alpha born in an aristocratic Alpha family, had difficulty having a mandatory relationship with an omega and even received counseling. The counselor encouraged him to have sex with an Alpha in order to overcome his difficulties. As Carlyle searches for a partner, he gets to meet Ash by chance. The two once shared a kiss on New Year's Eve but unfortunately, the aristocrat doesn't seem to remember. As Carlyle began to meet Ash more frequently, he started to develop feelings for him. What will happen at the end of their relationship?(FujoMelon Scans)
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Lies Become You 4.68

Lies Become You

Chapter 69

3.4M Sep 30,2023 - 20:48 PM Seoru (Ii), Danbi

Never fall in love with a lie.Lacey is finally ready to enjoy the high life after finishing up her most recent con. Unfortunately for her, her last client has betrayed her, and now there's a bounty out on her head! She climbs aboard a ship to escape, unaware that it belongs to her archnemesis, the alluring Prince Halid.
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Puppy Love 4.08

Puppy Love

Chapter 40

2.6M Sep 30,2023 - 15:47 PM Ongshim

Puppy Ever AfterGyujin is special. He's the only son of the legendary blue-eyed German shepherd familyand he's a 26-year-old virgin. To carry on the family lineage, his parents organize an arranged marriage. However, Gyujin cannot think of getting married to a stranger, let alone a female shepherd. He impulsively decides to ruin his parents' scheming by preemptively announcing that he prefers smaller dogs. In order to cover up his lie, Gyujin asks his childhood friend Youngwoon, a small breed, to act as his boyfriend in front of his parents. Youngwoon agrees under one condition: Gyujin must act like he really has feelings for him! With such a strange demand, could Gyujin be barking up the wrong tree?Bark Bark Relationship Puppy Love (Ongshim) /
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Countach 4.64


Vol.6 Chapter 53: Black Bullet!!

1M Sep 30,2023 - 12:49 PM Umezawa Haruto

The day after he finds himself dumped by his girlfriend, Sorayama Shun recieves a letter... from himself? The letter was from Shun 25 years ago for his future self. The letter reminds him of the time when he dreamed of owning a Countach and being a successful professional racer. With loads of luck and his ambition to make his childhood dream come true, he finds himself as a new owner of an LP400 Countach.
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Secret Love Affair 4.22

Secret Love Affair

Chapter 7

227.5K Sep 30,2023 - 11:50 AM Ilmyeonsik

Secret Love Affair summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Secret Love Affair. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Trinity Seven: Liese Chronicle 4.46

Trinity Seven: Liese Chronicle

Chapter 1.1: Crossing Time

1.3M Sep 30,2019 - 00:45 AM Akinari Nao, Saitou Kenji, Chako Abeno

The story centers on Lieselotte Sherlock, an evil mage from the original manga
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Night On The Galactic Railroad (Variety Art Works) 4.33

Night On The Galactic Railroad (Variety Art Works)

Chapter 5: Giovanni S Ticket [End]

98.7K Sep 30,2019 - 00:40 AM Variety Art Works, Kenji Miyazawa

Giovanni, along with his best friend Campanella, boards a train traversing the Cosmos and sets off for a mysterious new world. Kenji Miyazawa's timeless literary masterpiece illustrated in manga!
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Another Lie 3.46

Another Lie

Chapter 10

107.3K Sep 29,2023 - 23:20 PM Lee Song Go, Kim Son

Korea's leading company, H Group.Taeyoung is sponsored by the group and adopted by their assistant. He lives a quiet life, thinking that he was only blessed by chance, but he also had one simple wish. To reunite with his first love from his childhood, at a charity banquet.Then one day, Taeyeong finds out that the first love he has had in his heart is Heo Minjae, the spoiled adopted son of Group H, and is surprised to see that Minjae is very different from the way he imagined...!
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Yours To Claim 4.13

Yours To Claim

Chapter 85

9.4M Sep 29,2023 - 23:17 PM Zzin-Bam / Waje

Nothing crazy ever happens to Jooin. He's just your average college student, keeping his head down and flying under the radar. Yahwi, on the other hand, is drop dead gorgeous, super popular…but also kinda mean. So why has the campus heartthrob taken an interest in a total nobody? There must be an ulterior motive…but it's hard to care when faced with those killer looks. Will Jooin become a slave to his desires? Or perhaps he'll become the master himself…
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World Defying Dan God 4.6

World Defying Dan God

Chapter 53

3.2M Sep 29,2023 - 22:43 PM Ji Xiao Zei

Young Shen Xiang had a fateful encounter with goddess & demoness & received their peerless heritage, get godly pulse, learnt ultimate martial arts, mastered transcendent alchemy techniques, which gives him an easy ride in his journey of cultivation.When hungry he refines some spirit medicine to eat as snack, when lonely he flirts with goddess, when bored he teases those martial artist who came to beg for spirit medicine, when tired he let his beautiful wives massage him.
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Topsy-Turvy 3.39


Chapter 31

734.2K Sep 29,2023 - 22:14 PM Yongdo

Season One: Did you say that the enemy meets on a single wooden bridge? They are opposite in appearance and personality. Su-yong and Jae-hyun, who have been close friends since high school, meet again on the day of the university entrance ceremony. The inexperienced two face the challenge of duplicating positions.Season Two: My name is Kim Pyeong-beom, a secondary man. I'm just the role of Su-yong's friend in the BL world, I was the author's delicate touch as a supporting character.How could I have my own love line with one of the leading top's (Minwoo/White hair)?! What's the fate of the ordinary man who walks in between a sly top and the obsessed top?
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Don't Mix Business With Pleasure! 3.99

Don't Mix Business With Pleasure!

Chapter 18

470.6K Sep 29,2023 - 21:45 PM Hodot

Baek Do-hoo, a BL novel writer and college student, gets to know Seo Joo-heon, a junior from the same university.Baek Do-hoo, who was sure that he would come up with a good idea if he conceived a seme character based on Jooheon, followed him around, analyzed him, and developed an interest in Seo Joo-heon.“Do you like me that much? Enough to do such a dirty thing?"
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Solo For Two 3.97

Solo For Two

Chapter 32

283K Sep 29,2023 - 19:46 PM Caesim, Oddloop

There are three rumors about the star ballet dancer, Sasya.First, he's a sodomist.Second, he gets high on drugs before performing on the stage.Third, he sells himself to his wealthy patrons.And some of these rumors are true.Despite all this, Sasya was once loved unconditionally, but he abandoned his love in pursuit of success.One day, Sasya's long past love reappears before him, looking completely different and filled with hatred towards Sasya.
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Checkmate (Tan) 4.3

Checkmate (Tan)


1.9M Sep 29,2023 - 19:44 PM Tan

When he was just a student, Soohyun, ranked second, felt envious of the perfect Eunsung. Although he tried catching Eunsung, his soul aflame with passion, it wasn't enough, and he lost all his motivation upon graduation.As time passed, Soohyun forgot everything. However, when he saw Eunsung collapse for the first time, he felt extreme pleasure. With his obsession for Eunsung rekindling, he has a desire to see him fall even further in-front of him...
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