The Foul 4.26

The Foul

Chapter 63

2.2M Sep 30,2023 - 23:17 PM Aczer X Chaepali

After the death of his father, Joo Hawon is left with his father’s astronomical debt in the foreign land of Macau. With no future in sight, Hawon works as a casino dealer, barely getting by each day. One day, a mysterious man, Kwon Taeha, shows interest in him.“Now then, let’s have some fun, shall we?”Hawon agrees, believing that they will be spending their time together in a more frivolous and light way. However, Taeha approached Hawon with both Hawon’s father and his legacy in mind, which, unexpectedly, Hawon has pretended not to know about his entire life.Hawon is faced with this stranger who claims that if Hawon accepts the proposal, Hawon will be freed from the debt that is weighing down on him.He has no choice but to accept the convincing proposal, however Kwon Taeha keeps acting differently when Hawon is the only one around. Hawon finds it annoying at first, but then he starts to get confused, because it seems like he’s growing attracted to the man who has offered him the hand of mercy without any obvious reason…
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Black Black Lotus 4.25

Black Black Lotus

Chapter 4

16.3K Sep 30,2023 - 21:18 PM Mikami Teren

Matsuoka Renna, who has just transferred to Fuyou Girl's Academy, is reunited with Mayuzumi Kyouko, a friend from her elementary school days. Known as "Black Rose-sama" and the object of admiration among the students, Kyouko says that she had been worried about Renna ever since she moved out of town due to a certain incident. However...there is something bothering Renna...?In the midst of all that, it is announced that Black Rose is dead.As Renna is stunned by this news, she receives an invitation to a suicide matching website known as "Black Black Lotus"...
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Love Song For Illusion 4.5

Love Song For Illusion

Chapter 65

30K Sep 30,2023 - 20:13 PM Vanziun

What if an assassin who lost her memory while trying to assassinate the king suddenly collapsed and is then appointed as a concubine the next day?Yeon-wol, the only survivor of the Yeon clan, who were killed as traitors, becomes an assassin while hiding her identity in order to take revenge on the king.Yeon-wol infiltrates as a court lady and secretly seeks the king's neck, but falls into a trap set by the king and loses her mind due to the strong scent and collapses. The next day, Yeon-wol wakes up with no memories of the past, and unexpectedly receives the king's instruction and is enshrined as concubine Eunhyobi.King Hyeonu is furious at the actions of Akhee who brought Yeonwol, an assassin who came to kill him, as one of his concubines and runs to the concubine to kill her, but she loses control of her body...From LINE Webtoon:Wol Yeon of the great Yeon clan in the Kingdom of Asatae is a spirited girl who dreams of becoming a general one day. Her dreams are crushed when the royal government mercilessly eradicates her clan, murdering everyone, including Wol’s parents. Wol is left with no one she can trust but her tutor Jae-i, who proceeds to raise and train her as a master assassin so that she may take revenge against the king. Eight years later, Wol successfully infiltrates the palace to kill the king, only to find that all is not as it seems…
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Fire In The Swamp 4.34

Fire In The Swamp

Chapter 42

315.1K Sep 30,2023 - 19:48 PM Geum Eunha

Fire in the SwampmangaFire Burns Through Me / "Hold me. Please hold me"Can Erzan, who doesn't know what sexual desire even is, realise the truth behind the strange feeling he's been having for his master?!
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Surviving Romance 4.79

Surviving Romance

Chapter 99

9.6M Sep 30,2023 - 17:33 PM Lee Yeon

Chaerin leads a blissful and comfortable life as the lead in a romance novel. She only has eyes for the male lead, Jeha, to the point where all the extras are literal black shadows.But then, one day, her story suddenly switches genres.All of a sudden, she discovers that if she wants to live, she has to band together with the extras she ignored before and work with them to survive!From the author of comes this genre-defying tale!
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Throw The Trash In The Trash Can! 4.25

Throw The Trash In The Trash Can!

Chapter 62

2M Sep 30,2023 - 11:02 AM Eddiering

'Woobin', who uses his good looks to seduce rich women and has lived like trash.He ends up falling in love with 'Suzy', a chaebol heir who was only supposed to be a target of his seduction.He experiences the sweetness of love for the first time,But it lasts only for a while because what's hidden behind Suzy's angel-like appearance begins to slowly choke Woobin.A romance story of two trash-like humans who can't even be recycled!
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Deathcord 4.34


Chapter 42

2.1M Sep 30,2023 - 10:58 AM Buffering, Lim Dong-Gyu

One day, Kyung-min, whose self-esteem has hit rock bottom from being Tormented/Bullied by his friends, suddenly receives an invite to ‘DeathCord’, a chatting room where you can kill people through voting. Anonymous death penalty vote in the chat room! Anonymous participants invited to the chat room are keen to kill people for their own reasons. However, one of the chat participants becomes the target of the death penalty, after that, the participants in the “DeathCord” chatroom start struggling to identify each other…A murder game that won’t end unless each other kills each other!
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The 18 Year Old Spy 4.27

The 18 Year Old Spy

Chapter 53

3.6M Sep 30,2023 - 10:57 AM Team Honey, Kim Joo-In

An orphan named Hajin, trained in North Korea ever since he was little. North Korea had sent young children down to South Korea to climb up the social ladder and take high-ranked places on the social hierarchy. Hajin was chosen for this operation and was sent over. "To not be used, you must be the one that uses people from above." Hajin did not want to be used by the North Korean government but make decisions for himself. To save his younger sister who was taken away from him, he begins to swallow up both the North and South's organizations one by one.
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Ani Datta Mono 4.03

Ani Datta Mono

Vol.4 Chapter 37

269.8K Sep 30,2023 - 00:22 AM Matsuda Minoru

My brother died. I come to visit my brother's grave with my brother's lover——...... This is a story of my brother's lover and me and the "thing that was my big brother".
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Emperor’S Evil Wife 3.36

Emperor’S Evil Wife

Chapter 38

767.1K Sep 30,2020 - 19:34 PM Hangman, Manyu

As the princess of Xi Liang, she was, however, imprisoned in the cold palace. Faced with the dangerous imperial harem and the extermination of her entire family, she never yielded! As for those who take advantage of her, she responded more strongly, whether they were imperial concubines or not!
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Night On The Galactic Railroad (Variety Art Works) 4.33

Night On The Galactic Railroad (Variety Art Works)

Chapter 5: Giovanni S Ticket [End]

98.7K Sep 30,2019 - 00:40 AM Variety Art Works, Kenji Miyazawa

Giovanni, along with his best friend Campanella, boards a train traversing the Cosmos and sets off for a mysterious new world. Kenji Miyazawa's timeless literary masterpiece illustrated in manga!
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King Game 3.93

King Game

Chapter 38

1.8M Sep 29,2023 - 21:56 PM Killer Whale, Hyungwuk Shin

An action packed suspense story of a boy who obtains the absolute authority! The story centers around a boy named " Hwang Chomin" who spends his high school days while enduring its unjust violent treatment. Being informed of his isolated brother's passing away, he receives his phone and confronts the truth about his brother. He learns that his brother is the leader of a notorius ring called . Upon learning that he decides to impersonate his brother and take control of the division by passing judgment on it's scums. And so the King's Game that must be never revealed begins!
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Placebo: Let's Play 3.93

Placebo: Let's Play

Chapter 20

570.6K Sep 29,2023 - 21:50 PM Cuke Soap

The hit short story Placebo returns as a series!"Let's play"All Seo Woo-yeon wants is a simple university experience away from his intensely annoying step-brother, Woo-jin. So imagine his frustration when Woo-jin not only gets into the same university as Woo-yeon, but also follows him to the same major and even the same classes! Woo-yeon's determined to make the world see how awful his brother truly is, butwell, his memory has been really spotty these days and, to top things off, Woo-jin seems to be acting even more smug than usual. Just what is going on in the times Woo-yeon can't remember, and what does Woo-jin have to do with it?"Playtime's over."+
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Lost In The Cloud 4.35

Lost In The Cloud

Chapter 90

1.9M Sep 29,2023 - 21:48 PM Paskim

.Hanuel, whose hobby is collecting pictures of his unrequited love, Chanil. However, he was caught by Hyunwoon, the head of the same class, by mistake. The sky is good and expects that Hyunwoon, a good student, will keep his secret... But, for some reason, it seems that Hyunwoon is playing in the hand...?
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Killing Killer 4.51

Killing Killer

Chapter 58

6.6M Sep 29,2023 - 21:45 PM A_Backk

The main character, Siwoo Lee, lost his parents to a murderer ten years ago. Finally, he meets Jack, the killer who killed his parents, and beheads him. “It wasn’t me who killed your parents.”After learning that the real culprit is a "contractor" belonging to a group of killers using superpowers, Si-woo Lee decides to hunt down the registrants with Jack’s help.
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Perfect Victim 4.36

Perfect Victim

Chapter 87

387.7K Sep 29,2023 - 20:45 PM 尼三岁

“The person who is destined to be the perfect lover is secretly a murderous devil?! There are many secrets to the widowed mother. The life of Qiqi is completely changed by a mysterious stalker.”
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