Matome★Groggy Heaven 4.26

Matome★Groggy Heaven

Chapter 5: Let's Dig In

131.7K Sep 30,2023 - 23:57 PM Den Mitao

In a romantic comedy, two roles are ever-present: the lucky pervert boy and the violent tsundere girl.
What if those roles were switched around?
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Jesus 3.22


Vol.6 Chapter 54

374.4K Sep 30,2023 - 23:19 PM Nanatsuki Kyoichi

Jesus is about a high profile assassin who plans to fake his own death, laying low from all the Mafia's hitmen and the FBI that are after him. He plans to live his life by using the money he got from the drug smuggling he stole from the mafia gangs, which was one of the reasons that he got chased. Somehow, his plan fails and he couldn't get those drugs his old timed friend hid for him as it somehow got concealed in a school's wall, with a super strength blackboard on top of it.He has no choice but to pose himself as a high school teacher to guard his stash. While he tries to pretend to be an ordinary citizen as much as possible, hoping that he won't get caught, he often gets involved with cases after cases dealing with crimes and criminals. Will his true identity get busted? How much can he tolerate living his life in a normal world?
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The Daughter Of Evil And Miss Devil 4.27

The Daughter Of Evil And Miss Devil

Chapter 10.5: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

1.8M Sep 30,2023 - 22:50 PM 拂晓联盟, Morel

Two girls, hand-in-hand, cross over to another world, into a magical academy set in a melodramatic Western fantasy novel. They transform into two people completely unrecognizable to each other: One is a rich villainess who is incapable of using any kind of magic, while the other is a young girl extremely talented in the field of magic, who's said to be the reincarnation of the Demon Lord. Originally set to save the world, the two of them unexpectedly fall in love."Male lead, female lead, may you two live a long and happy life together, forever. I, the villainess, am going to elope with Miss Demon Lord!"
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Now That We Draw 4.7

Now That We Draw

Chapter 9

700.2K Sep 30,2023 - 22:48 PM Kyuu Takahata, Kaba Yuuji

Uehara-kun loves 2-dimensional characters and his desire is to become a manga artist! However, his dreams are dashed when an editor rejects his work as too boring.The next day while contemplating giving up on his dream, a gal in his class, Miyamoto Niina, sees his manuscript and starts a pseudo-romance with him that's a little too close to comfort, to help him with his manga!This is a mangakas ✖ adolescent love comedy!
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Merry Marbling 3.96

Merry Marbling

Chapter 35

501.9K Sep 30,2023 - 21:49 PM Pengki

When he was young, Lee-ahn found and returned a large bag of money and garnered fame as a "Christmas Angel." Since then, Lee-ahn has been very conscious of how others perceive him. Yugeon, who has just moved into Lee-ahn's building, could care less about the gazes of people around him. He acts out at school and even ditches classes. When she learns of Yugeon's arrival, Lee-ahn's mother hopes that he will take care of the outsider for the sake of his reputation. Reluctantly, Lee-ahn obeys his mother. However, Yugeon realizes that Lee-ahn used him for his own image. When Yugeon threatens to tell Lee-ahn's schoolmates about it, Lee-ahn gets defensive... "I don't care if you tell them. Just know, whatever happens next is not my responsibility." I was just going to end things with no regrets... Just wait! Do whatever you want!! Like a beautiful marbling that doesn't mix with water, these two create a beautiful dissonance.
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Versatile Mage 4.7

Versatile Mage

Chapter 1096

276.7M Sep 30,2023 - 21:47 PM Chaos

Summary:He awoke, and the world was changed. The familiar high school now teaches magic, encouraging students to become the greatest magicians they can be. Beyond the city limits, wandering magical beasts prey on humans.An advanced scientific world changed into one with advanced magic. Yet, what has not changed was the same teacher who looks upon him with disdain, the same students who look upon him with contempt, the same father who struggles at the bottom rung of society, and the same innocent step sister who cannot walk.However, Mo Fan discovered that while everyone else can only use one major element, he himself can use all magic!
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Crossing The Line 3.44

Crossing The Line

Chapter 31

2.8M Sep 30,2023 - 21:46 PM Pangin, Hudadak

not found...
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Black Black Lotus 4.25

Black Black Lotus

Chapter 4

16.3K Sep 30,2023 - 21:18 PM Mikami Teren

Matsuoka Renna, who has just transferred to Fuyou Girl's Academy, is reunited with Mayuzumi Kyouko, a friend from her elementary school days. Known as "Black Rose-sama" and the object of admiration among the students, Kyouko says that she had been worried about Renna ever since she moved out of town due to a certain incident. However...there is something bothering Renna...?In the midst of all that, it is announced that Black Rose is dead.As Renna is stunned by this news, she receives an invitation to a suicide matching website known as "Black Black Lotus"...
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Sun-Kissed Heartbeats 4.02

Sun-Kissed Heartbeats

Chapter 22

50.7K Sep 30,2023 - 20:44 PM Uldo

In the scorching heat of summer, Seokhyun's life takes an unexpected turn as he and his family leave the bustling city behind and settle into a serene countryside town. Seokhyun quickly attracts attention and gains popularity among his new classmates. However, Seokhyun's gaze is irresistibly drawn to Heebok, his quiet classmate with striking blond hair. As Heebok helps Seokhyun discover the simple joys of country living, tender moments are shared between them, and love quietly blooms beneath the warm, sun-kissed skies.
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Lovely Allergen 4.65

Lovely Allergen

Chapter 17

24.6K Sep 30,2023 - 20:14 PM 稚楚, Zhìchǔ

Yue Zhi-Shi and Song-Yu are not blood related brothers, Yue Zhi-Shi, who was fostered by the Song family since childhood, loves to cling to his older brother, Song Yu, who is three years older than him. However, Song Yu always deliberately maintains a distance. Song Yu, the brother who pretends to be indifferent, and Yue Zhi-Shi, the brother who is a clingy little puppy. But what others don't know is that he understands his own heart, he choose to exercise self-control and maintain a distance because… Yue Zhi-Shi is Song-Yu’s only allergen.
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Seven Days 4.77

Seven Days

Chapter 14

903.7K Sep 30,2023 - 19:51 PM Tachibana Benio

From Vices and Devices:Bright and early one Monday morning, Shino Yuzuru asks Seryou Touji out on a lark when they run into each other at the school gate. Seryou, who's immensely popular, has the odd habit of going out with anyone who asks him out first at the beginning of the week, then promptly dumping them at the end of it. "Anyone" apparently includes male upperclassmen like Shino, and as a boyfriend, Seryou is perfect--unfailingly thoughtful and kind. Shino, obviously, has no intention of being in a serious relationship with Seryou. It's not like it's actually love or anything like that. ...Right?
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Urban: I Have A New Identity Weekly 4.28

Urban: I Have A New Identity Weekly

Chapter 113

3.6M Sep 30,2023 - 19:49 PM 软糖骑士

Activate the strongest vest system and get a new status every week.Some people are ordinary students on the surface, but behind the scenes he is the chairman of a multinational group, a peerless genius doctor, a chef who makes the world crazy, the world's top killer, and a superb hypnotist.In short, he has countless vests.Su Xun: I really just want to be an ordinary person, why is it so difficult?
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Link! Life! Love Live! 4.0

Link! Life! Love Live!

Chapter 40

17.8K Sep 30,2023 - 19:18 PM Mizuki Maya

Official 4-koma published with the game Link! Life! Love Live!
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Reality Quest 4.56

Reality Quest

Chapter 105

39.3M Sep 30,2023 - 19:17 PM Lee Joo-Woon

Due to the school bully's threat to get him game items, Ha Do-wan, the unlucky game shuttle, died after playing games all night long for a week. The moment he died, he got respawned to the classroom one week before he died... Everything is the same as that day. The only thing that has changed is the floating in front of him! What? Use the skills of the games I've played so far to beat the bully?!?!
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Solgreen 4.94


Chapter 17

39.1K Sep 30,2023 - 18:49 PM Ledeu

The Popular game -City of Tempests'- floating ladder No.1 amateur ranker. He left a lot of questions and suddenly disappeared.After two years of speculation, Sol Green has returned as a vicious non-managed user who shoots professional gamers?!The story of those who are involved with Solgreen, the children who came to the prelude. A Full-fledged growth drama! What is the truth!Solgreen, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , online for free at mangabuddy. Chapters are updated hourly with high-quality graphics and a full English translation. Find free translations of your favorite , and . The latest updated content on mangabuddy is now available.
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Sorry For Falling In Love 3.17

Sorry For Falling In Love

Chapter 49: More...

233.9K Sep 30,2023 - 17:49 PM ぐりら

Sorry For Falling In Love summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Sorry For Falling In Love. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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